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Tuesday's “television is disappearing” news

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British TV


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Preview: Brotherhood 2.1-2.2

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In the US: Starts September 30th on Showtime
In the UK: Probably on FX as per season one

Brotherhood was a somewhat surprising show during its first season. A somewhat odd combination of gangster drama and local politics, it starred a Brit (Jason Isaacs) and an Australian (Jason Clarke) as Irish-American brothers from Rhode Island. Clarke is a local politician trying to do the best for his constituents by playing the political game, simultaneously trying to stay clean. However, his efforts are undermined by his brother, a notorious gangster who returns to the neighbourhood after a long absence.

Season one was remarkable for being hard-hitting in both areas of its remit, without giving in too much to the pressures of dramatic forms (more realistic than The Sopranos? Maybe). It also had an exceptional visual style, with long, quiet, well composed scenes of astonishing stillness.

Thankfully, season two looks like it's more of the same, which will either delight you or put you off.

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Tuesday's post-bank holiday news

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Doctor Who


British TV

  • Film24 is taking over the Bonanza channel [free registration required]
  • 'Unprecedented' coverage of the Hay Festival due
  • The Beeb has indeed dropped out the Neighbours bidding war


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